Using the Java Optimizer to Remove Debug Code   🌿

Abusing behavior of the the Java optimizer to remove debug code at runtime

Hotspot Disassembler (Hsdis)   🌳

Building hsdis on Ubuntu and macOS

Sequencers   🌿

Overview of three types of fixed total order broadcast sequencers

Distributed System Faults   🌱

The core types of faults encountered with distributed systems

Flyweights   🌳

An alternative to plain old Java objects often deployed when performance is critical

Natural Batching   🌿

Adaptive batching for increased throughput and low average latency

Split Brain   🌱

A danger to all correct clustered replicated state machines

Backpressure   🌿

Backpressure explained, and how it is deployed to build stable distributed systems

Replicated State Machines   🌿

Understand the heart of most fault tolerant distributed systems

Lamport Clocks   🌳

Logical clocks for defining order in distributed systems

Translation Lookaside Buffer (Tlb)   🌿

Understanding the TLB and the impacts it has on application performance

Merkle Trees   🌿

Useful to verify any kind of data stored, handled and transferred in and between computers

This section will retire soon.

GPT-4 and friends remove the need for it.

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