This site is where I share my public articles & notes. Articles are longer form, while notes are shorter and more tightly focused. Unlike a blog, these articles and notes may be static, or continuously updated as I learn more.

The content may be little more than rough outlines (especially notes marked 🌱), incomplete or contain inaccuracies. No content is meant to be a definitive source on any particular topic, just a source.

Opinions expressed are solely my own. This site is not monetized.

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Article Metadata

Each article includes additional metadata, explained below:

  • Status - current article status. One of: work in progess, draft, in progress or final. Unlike a typical blog, work in progess and draft entries will still be published.
  • Importance - relative importance of the article, from my own subjective viewpoint. This should not be taken as any indication of the definitive nature of the article.
  • Review Policy - how often, if ever, the article will be reviewed. One of: one off or continuous. One off articles will rarely have the content updated, while continuous articles are subject to review and updates. The URL will remain constant in both cases.

Note Icons

  • 🌱 - early stage note, rough draft or outline
  • 🌿 - not a draft, and not yet mature
  • 🌳 - mature note, revisted from time to time

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