This site is where I share my public articles. Unlike a blog, these articles may be static, or occasionally updated as I learn more. The content may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies. No content is meant to be a definitive source on any particular topic, just a source. Content is removed after a one month End of Life warning as it becomes less useful or relevant.

Opinions expressed are solely my own. This site is not monetized.

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Each article includes additional metadata, explained below:

  • Status - current article status. One of: work in progess, draft, in progress or final. Unlike a typical blog, work in progess and draft entries will still be published.
  • Review Policy - how often, if ever, the article will be reviewed. One of: one off or continuous. One off articles will rarely have the content updated, while continuous articles are subject to review and updates. The URL will remain constant in both cases.

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