Flyweights - Complexities with Variable Length Fields and Nulls

Different approaches as seen in Simple Binary Encoding, Cap'n Proto and database engines

Failure Detection in Cloud Hosted Trading Systems

An overview of complexities and recommendations for failure detection in cloud hosted trading systems

Why Kafka's Latency Is so High

And how Aeron avoids this

Chain Replication, Craq & Hermes

Highly available cluster coordination with high throughput and strong consistency guarantees

Primary-Backup Replication

A popular technique to give fail-stop fault tolerance to a replicated state machine

State Transfer with Merkle Trees

Efficient DirectBuffer state transfer with Viewstamped Replication's recovery protocol

Eider Retrospective

Lessons learnt building Eider, and some considerations for a version 2

Producer Backpressure in Messaging Systems

A survey of various messaging systems, and how they deal with fast producers/slow consumers

Kafka Vs. Aeron

Two similar, yet very different approaches to log replication

Gateway Distribution

Retaining high performance in an Aeron Cluster when dealing with large amounts of clients

Resilient Gateways

Adding resilience to Aeron Cluster Gateways

How to See the Aurora in Iceland

Things to do to get the best chance to see and photograph the Aurora in Iceland

Photographing Iceland

Recommendations on planning a trip, and the gear to take with on a photographic tour of Iceland.

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